Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Yet Another Bike Ride

Further analysis shows another bike ride has been passed off as a run by Rob Young.

Biking Revelation

Two days ago, with the release of a Facebook video, we were able to determine that a Strava run activity on Rob Young's account had been recorded on a bicycle.  The activity did have corresponding coverage by a real run, but it raises serious questions, such as the obvious one, "What the heck is a running GPS watch doing on a bicycle, by someone who had to intentionally strap it on and start it?"

A little further analysis has revealed another overlapping bike/run.  This time, the overlap is not complete - meaning some bike miles are passed off ostensibly as "running".

Overlapping Activities

Just prior to the bike activity previously identified, in Kirtland, NM, there are another pair of overlapping activities:

Using Strava's Flyby feature for a visualization:

Strava Flyby for the above 2 activities

The red line is the cyclist, who stops into a cafe, while the runner (black line) begins his activity back on the road:

Strava Flyby Animation

Earlier in the activity, the cyclist made another pit stop:

Stopping in at Something Sexy

Again, Rob Young's own social media confirms the presence of the bicycle:

Source: Marathonmanuk Facebook


Well there we have it.  Another confirmation that the TomTom watch was used on the bicycle.  This proves that 3.8 of the miles Rob has uploaded to Strava are pure fiction and have no other supporting data.  This raises serious questions about the legitimacy of Rob's data, as if there wasn't enough doubt already.  There really isn't any way for this to be an "accident".  The other user of the watch would have to strap it on his wrist, turn it on, start the activity, stop the activity, etc.  Even if there is some innocent explanation, what is Rob Young doing uploading a bike as a "run"?

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